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The Amazon Collection

Shipping to United States, Canada, and Europe only. Asia and Australia coming soon.

(National and International Shipping Suspended Until April 20th)

The Amazon Collection is a series of small format mixed media paintings (19 cm x 5.5 cm) They were made on velobinder recycled covers, commonly used to protect documents. I found them once, when walking on the street. I respected the little irregular shape of each of them (which can be distinguished from passpartout measures)) and decided to paint animals from the Amazon, the irony of a subject whose characters are so fragile, represented on a material that hardly degrades.

This collection is a limited edition (150) of offset digital prints


  • 1: 1 scale.

  • Framed

  • Includes certificate of authenticity by the artist

  • Includes certificate from the Ministry of Culture of Colombia (Cultural Heritage Real Estate)

  • Includes insured international shipping cost.

Toucan - Amazons Collection - Figurative
Red Fish And Tiny Fish - Amazons Collect
Exotic Fish - Amazons Collection - Figur
Blue Fish And Baby Fish -  Amazons Colle
Butterflies - Amazons Collection - Figur
Native and Foreign Birds - Amazons Colle


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Why Purchase Figurative Art?

Its main characteristic is that all the elements such as shapes, colors, volume and mass represent real objects than can be easily recognized by the viewer as it creates a strong and undeniable connection to the real world. In these collections you will find as many characters, stories, moods and emotions as you can imagine.


But let's be honest. Sometimes trying to understand abstract art is not that easy, and that's when you can rely on the curators' or the artist's review. Therefore, let me invite you to read my Blog and  know my version of what I was thinking when I created each piece: the best figurative art, perfect for art collectors, client gifts, staff recognitions and incentives, corporate donations, housewarming gifts and holiday presents, original artworks, canvas art prints and fine art prints. An all-in-one home decor art online webpage! 

What do you see?

Welcome to my online art gallery!

Aurora Bueno Celis

In the blog you will see a detailed description of what I want to express with each artwork. Each of them is available on canvas prints and fine art prints and can be purchased through the only authorized online gallery in the US and Canada to show my work. It's a very convenient option if you are currently in that location, as it offers free shipping and 7 day money back guarantee. International shipping from my artist's studio will be available soon for the exclusive release of the Amazon Collection (January 2020). (National and International Shipping Suspended Until April 20th)


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Get a limited edition digital image of an artwork for FREE! (first time worldwide released)

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