Andean Landscape

Andean Landscape

Updated: Mar 31

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

Predominance of different ranges of cold and warm greens, with some orange and violet reds, with greens being the component with the greatest weight in the composition.

Near my hometown there is a region that borders the edges of the Chicamocha Canyon (the second largest in the world), called Mesa de Los Santos, an area of ​​daily seismic activity (a total test for nerves) and forests and mountainous knots of great importance.

From there you can see both sides of the central arm where the Andes Mountain Range ends. The sunsets show intense colors of orange reds in contrast to an immaculate blue sky. The wind can be very strong at night and the temperature stays between 12 and 16 degrees C. Therefore, it becomes an ideal place to get away from the noise and heat of the capital of Santander.

But its history also reminds us of a painful stage: the same one that all the native nations of the Americas lived with the arrival of the conquerors and European settlers. Among the few surviving villages was the Guane culture, who never gave up their will to bow to anything and anyone. One day they went up to the mountain caverns and from there, one by one they threw themselves into de void.

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