Cross Section

Cross Section

Updated: Mar 31

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

In this work ochre yellow is a highly dominant element. Inside the frame in the middle of the composition we can recognize the back of a warrior king, his cloack and scepter, as well as his large pointy helmet ending in some sort of thin long axe, leading a caravan out of the battle field. I expressed his bravery and strength through the proportions of his back and the solemnity of his rank with blue, red and orange colours on this cloack.

A thin violet and green metal piece supports the main frame to attach it to the ground.

On top there is a river cannoe, empty, waiting for embarkment, as well as a straight shape of a mountain seen from a long distance.

At the bottom we can see a blue segment that represents the end of the night and beginning of the early morning, with a red sun just over it.


yellowfigurative paintingmodern artCobalt Blueprusian blueart onlineochre




Figurative Abstract Modern Fine Art





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