Death of a Warrior

Death of a Warrior

Updated: Mar 31

Painting: oil on canvas

Size: 90 W x 110 H x 1.5 cm

Available on canvas prints and fine art print

The predominance of warm green-yellow colours in all its ranges covers the entire work. The Death of a Warrior represents the self-portrait of a human being.

In the upper part of the composition the figure of a warrior is distinguished, who may be sleeping the fatigue of the fight or may lie dead. His dress shows a wide belt diagonally with a buckle, as well as details of buttons and ornaments. His shoulder shows red and blue colours and they extend vertically trying to delineate the muscles of his arm. The opposite side shows a curved line that resembles the contour of a violin, representing the music of the dances when he participated in the few occasions in which the designs of the strategy and politics separated him from the battlefields, and allow us to see a more human side through the details of his hand without gloves or sleeves.

In the central part of the composition the elements are behind a glass. In this area the presence of trotting horses is perceived. Behind these elements you can see a surface similar to a high altitude wall. To the left, near the shoulder of blue and red touches is a tower, as a symbol of courtly life. In the upper part the curved lines represent the domes of the cathedrals, the resonance and the echo of the voices of those who come to each requirement of social life.

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Keywords: blue warrior yellow castle dome figurative green horse knight military modern

Subjects: Mortality

Styles: Abstract Figurative Fine Art Modern Surrealism

Mediums: Oil

Materials: Canvas


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