Diptych Seascape

Updated: Mar 31

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

In this work I wish to express the importance and force of the sea that lashes the shore with no compassion. The reddish colors in the foreground represent strength, vitality and life. The turbulence caused by strong sea winds in the sky and some possible small boats on the left bank is perceived when you start looking at this painting.

The foreground is located at the bottom in the two pieces. The orange yellows represent the beginning of the seashore and immediately connect with the background elements, which shows rocks in a diagonal segment. The third plane shows the blue of the waves that helps to balance the dominant red. This blue also represents that this location is geographically in a cold region. The soft yellow colour expresses that the scene takes place during the day, either at sunrise or sunset.

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Keywords: shore boats abstract art calm modern art figurative art strength seascape winds ocean

Subjects: Seascape

Styles: Abstract Figurative Modern Fine Art

Mediums: Oil

Materials: Canvas


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