Guardians of the Forests

Guardians of the Forests

Updated: Mar 31

This work is the fragment of a forest. The range of yellows is dominant.Some human figures of profile and front are perceived, as well as some birds, roots, branches and leaves of the abundant vegetation.

This work represents a set of memories from my childhood, when it was already pleasant to find multiple shapes in everything I observed. When visiting the farms in the countryside, and I went through one of these places and began to find characters from children's stories or folklore. Sometimes adults talked about goblins but denied everything in front of children. That atmosphere of mysteries vetoed for us in our early years triggered my imagination and I ended up looking for shapes and characters in the clouds or in the shapes inside a cup of chocolate or the moisture of a wall.

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Keywords: plants birds trees branches Yellow range gobblins faces mystery

Subjects: Nature

Styles: Abstract Figurative Modern Fine Art

Mediums: Oil

Materials: Canvas


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