Kidnapped (Los Secuestrados de La María)

Kidnapped (Los Secuestrados de La María)

Updated: Mar 31

Painting: oil on canvas

Size: 90 W x 110 H x 1.5 cm

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This is a sad fact (of so many) of the history of Colombia towards the end of the nineties, where a group of people who were one morning in a Eucharist were kidnapped by one of the dominant guerrilla groups in that area of the country. It happened in the La María Church, in the Ciudad Jardín neighborhood, in the city of Cali.

The people were told initially that there was a car bomb outside and that they should abandon the place at once, but there were two big trucks waiting outside to take almost 285 people far away. Some hours later they were told they had been kidnapped for political reasons.

In the next hours groups of hostages were released in small numbers, thanks to the pressure that the National Army was making. 200 people were freed, according to the TV news and newspapers. The images on TV of one of this group of hostages called my attention and I decided to make a painting about it.

In this work the hostages appear at the time they were received by the authorities; they are covered with waterproof blankets, some severely affected; there is some of the reflection of the flash of the cameras, the windows of the rescue vehicles and the representation of the deceased victims, as well as a pair of victimizers.

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