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Size: 62 W x 81 H x 1.5 cm

Available on canvas print and fine art print

This work easily represents the passers-by of a city, both those who go on foot, and those who are traveling through the corridors of a subway station or urban trains. It represents people who stop along the way to observe something in a showcase, those who wait with their hands in their pockets, men and women looking for something to happen, or simply wishing that time passes to arrive soon at their homes.

The weight of the color of the elements in the dominant central part of the composition combines with the orange-red tones that surround the entire work. Red represents tension and this is how the people in this scene feel. They want to live the moment or reach their destination promptly.

Observations: the image of this artwork was taken in 2014 and has a little shine towards the upper right side; the image has not been treated to remove it. The original artwork shows a darker red colour.

Purchase this artwork on canvas prints and fine art prints

Keywords: people metro station women people of the night passers-by commute get home train station nightlife hurry men

Subjects: People

Styles: Abstract Figurative Fine Art Modern

Mediums: Oil

Materials: Canvas


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