The General's Funeral

Updated: Jan 14

Military life is the main topic in this work.

Neat warm and cold green colours, shapes of sleeves, shoulders and arms bleeding, a tree on fire and fragments of vegetation form a battlefield, are all holding from the same hanger. All the identities of an officer, occasionally dressed as a civilian or changing to other uniform according to the occasion or need, can be placed into an office or a war room.

The geometrical shapes represent windows and walls. A small view of what is happening outdoors can be perceived, and even floor tiles at the bottom of the composition might bring echoes of footsteps in the hallways.

Now the General is gone. All that is left from him are his memories and his uniforms.


cold green military uniform window yellow military office warm green figurative painting modern art war room military art online outdoors




Figurative Abstract Expressionism Expressionism Modern





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