The Middle Ages

Updated: Mar 31

Painting: Oil on Canvas.

I've always been passionate about history, especially the middle ages. Most human beings were subjected to the hardness and contempt of those on whom they depended. The oppression exerted by those who ruled, administered and preached was the common factor of this era.

The colors used resemble those carried by the clergy (violet, orange). There are two vertical stripes in orange yellows that represent repression towards the weak. However, this intense yellow in them, in the foreground, can contradictorily mean hope, life and light.

In this work six accusing characters are perceived, accomplices among them, some almost undercover and others very present, all inquisitors, some whisper to others the conspiracies they are weaving. On the right-hand strip are the two most powerful, ecclesiastical. The two stripes also represent bars of confinement spaces.

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Keywords: violet Clerigy conspiracy yellow orange helmets inquisition

Subjects: Religious

Styles: Abstract Figurative Modern Fine Art

Mediums: Oil

Materials: Canvas


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