Updated: Mar 31

Painting: oil on canvas

Size: 90 W x 110 H x 1.5 cm

Available on canvas print and fine art print

In this scene you can clearly see a cockfight. The site is full of spectators and gamblers. The owners of the animals take pride in the triumphs obtained at the end of the match. Animals are immediately hooked in a corner without limit. Each of them does not tolerate the presence of the other and lash out with all their might. People look and shout at the onslaught of each animal. In a few minutes you begin to see that one of the animals has decreased its strength and does not respond quickly to attacks. He is mortally wounded but does not stop trying to attack. His life is going away and people shout even louder to celebrate the success of their bets or to claim that they have been cheated as their rivals have apparently used sharp elements in the paws of the animals.

These shows of high levels of aggression and blood attract low human passions. The supposed tastes that produce delight are surrounded by betrayal of nature. Our duty as human animals is to protect this nature that has protected us and try to maintain its balance. No more cockfights, no dogs, no bullfights, no caged animals. Let's raise our thought energy. Let us recognize the beauty of our planet and respect nature.

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Keywords: people red violence animals cock fighting gamblers orange

Subjects: Animal

Styles: Abstract Figurative Fine Art Modern

Mediums: Oil

Materials: Canvas


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