What's this blog about?

What's this blog about?

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Hi and welcome to my blog. As the title says, I will tell you what this blog will be about and what it won't be about.

I came online for the first time in 2007, with an open mind and a lot of expectations about what the world of art online could mean to me: the chance to have an international audience.

I had the chance to upload my first online portfolio (there are still some traces of it when you Google my name), and of course, open the gate to the world of international sales. But things where not as easy as I thought. First, I noticed that I had very few visitors; with some search, I managed to learn a few things about how to capture people's attention, and just when I was about to make my first sale, I crashed against the wall of the required paperwork to ship my work overseas: the Ministry of Culture's permit to export art. It might be obvious for many of you to say "how come you didn't realize that?"

I had a commitment with the internet gallery that I had hired to represent my work, as it currently is on every art website that makes sales: to ship the artwork on time, including all the due documents. The thing is that the permit lasted only three months, so should there be no sales in that time, I would have to start the tramit again to keep them updated. And then you can say again: "but, Aurorita, why was that a problem?" The answer is very simple: I have been living for the past 12 years in a small city 80 Km away from Bogota (Colombia), and doing that tramit would mean traveling to the capital, requesting the permits, stay for about 10 or more working days in there or going back and wait for that time in my house (amazing landscape on the road, which I will show you soon in the next posts) and pick up in person the documents. I tried reaching the Ministry's support staff and they tried to help out by sending the documents through the national mail company by that time, and the documents finally ... got lost! They were never deliverd by the #$%&#$%/ company! With no friends to do all those errands on my behalf in Bogota, no permits = no shipping = no sales = no international audience and = no nothing!

Many years have passed and now things are completely different...

No matter what level of expertise you have with the art world online, no matter if you are an experienced art collector or an occasional visitor to art galleries, a curator, art student, well positioned artist, or someone who's going for the first time to an art museum, you will find this blog rewarding.

So, if you love art and like to learn, then check back often as I'm always adding info to my blog that you won't want to miss.

To all my collectors worldwide: thanks for appreciating that piece of vision I have shared in every piece or work. You have an asset.

Looking forward to reaching you again!

Aurora Bueno Celis


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