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The Amazon Collection

Shipping to United States, Canada, and Europe only. Asia and Australia coming soon.

The limited edition prints in this gallery are part of a series.

(National and International Shipping Suspended (lockdown) Until May 31th)

The Amazon Collection is a series of small-format mixed media paintings (19 cm x 5.5 cm) They were made on velobind recycled covers, commonly used to protect documents. I found them once when walking on the street. I respected the little irregular shape of each of them (which can be distinguished from passe-partout measures)) and decided to paint animals from the Amazon, the irony of a subject whose characters are so fragile, represented on a material that hardly degrades.

This collection is a limited edition (150) of offset digital prints


  • 1: 1 scale.

  • Framed

  • Includes certificate of authenticity by the artist

  • Includes certificate from the Ministry of Culture of Colombia (Cultural Heritage)

  • Includes insured international shipping cost

Toucan - Amazons Collection - Figurative
Butterflies - Amazons Collection - Figur
Red Fish And Tiny Fish - Amazons Collect
Blue Fish And Baby Fish -  Amazons Colle


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Exotic Fish - Amazons Collection - Figur
Native and Foreign Birds - Amazons Colle