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Who is Aurora Bueno Celis

Hi and thanks for visiting my page. My Name is Aurora Bueno. I'm a visual artist born in Colombia (South America) and for the past years I've been living in a small city a few hours away from Bogota, in the heart of the Colombian plainlands.

I was born in Santander, the land where the revolt for the independence started in the 1700's where the colonial architecture is still present in the centre of almost each town, with stone roads and wall made of organic elements from the soil. Nowadays the capital is admired for its urbanistic modern appearance.

I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Santander, from 1970 to 1974, and started working with sculptures, drawings and paintings. 

Then there was a national event summoning artists in Colombia through  an art competition, in the times when Fernando Botero was reaching a great international exposure, and the eyes of the art world where gazing at more talented Colombian young artists.

Among more than a hundred artists, my sculptures were  selected and awarded  with an interesting amount at the time : )  as well as an invitation to participate in an individual exhibition.  Once again, in addition to my sculpture, one of my pieces  (a conceptual art work) was purchased and both became part of the Museum of Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango (nowadays the permanent art collection owed by Banco de la República (Bogota, Colombia), where you find pieces by Henry Moore, Pablo Picasso, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Marc Chagall,  as well as the Maestro Fernando Botero´s donnation.

Since 1976 my international exposure developed as follows: 

1976 and 1979 Solo exhibitions with drawings and sculptures (Siqueiros Gallery, San Cristobal, Venezuela.

1980  Group work (Club Europe. Nantes, France. ), Paintings. Winner.


1987 Group Exhibition. Paintings Latin American painters. NY USA.

1990 Biennial of Engraving of San Juan de Puerto Rico, Latin American and from the Caribbean. Strong water and Intaglio. San Juan de Puerto Rico

1992 Biennial of Engraving of San Juan de Puerto Rico. Latin American and from the Caribbean. Engraving on linoleum. San Juan de Puerto Rico

In Colombia

1970  Group Exhibition. Paintings Industrial Development Fund of Santander Bucaramanga Colombia

1971  Group Exhibition. Sculptures and paintings. Development Fund Industrial of Santander. Bucaramanga Colombia


1972  Group Exhibition. Sculptures and paintings. Club of Professionals Bucaramanga Colombia


1973  Group Exhibition. Paintings at Capilla de los Dolores. Bucaramanga Colombia


1976  Group Exhibition. First Regional Visual Arts Exhibition. Colour chalks. Bucaramanga Colombia.


1977  Group Exhibition. Paintings. Industrial University of Santander. Bucaramanga Colombia


1978  Group Exhibition. Luis Angel Arango Library. Sculptures 176 New Masters of Art in Colombia. Bogota Colombia


1978  Collective Exhibition. Paintings and Collages. Industrial University of Santander Bucaramanga Colombia


1979  Individual Exhibition. Sculptures Luis Angel Arango Library. Bogota Colombia


1980  XXVIII National Exhibition of Visual Arts (Regional). Assemblies Bucaramanga Colombia


1982  Group Exhibition. Mixed Media (colour chalks, Ink) Chicamocha Mall. Bucaramanga Colombia


1984  Solo Exhibition. Oil and colour chalk. Chamber of Commerce. Bucaramanga Colombia


1984  Solo  Exhibition. Paintings Autonomous University of Bucaramanga Bucaramanga Colombia


1985  Group Exhibition. Colour chalks. New Acropolis Bucaramanga Colombia

1985  Solo Exhibition. Paintings and Mixed Media. Alejandro Auditorium Galvis Galvis, Vanguardia Liberal newspaper. Bucaramanga Colombia


1986 Group Exhibition. Paintings Saint Thomas University. Bucaramanga Colombia


1988 Cultural Magazine Nueva Acropolis,  interview, cover of the magazine.

1988  Group Exhibition. Paintings Guido Art Gallery. Bucaramanga Colombia


1990  Group Exhibition. Drawings and paintings. Chacha-chá Bar – Galleria. Bucaramanga Colombia


1991  Group Exhibition. Paintings First DICAS College professors' eshibitions. Gabriel Turbay Public Library. Bucaramanga Colombia

1996  Dann Carlton Hotel. Paintings Bucaramanga Colombia


1997  Cardiovascular Foundation of the Colombian East. Giant Paint Bucaramanga Colombia


1998  Parque Bosque Centro Cultural y Concha Acústica de Bucaramanga. Mural.  Bucaramanga Colombia

2002  II Exhibition of Artists from Santander. Paintings. Cooperative University. Bucaramanga Colombia

2002  Group Exhibition. Paintings and Mixed Media. Cultural Project "Alternate Spaces". Argos House. Bucaramanga Colombia


2003  Group Exhibition. Assembly Itinerant Colombia-Venezuela Exhibition. Argos House. Bucaramanga Colombia


2003  Group Exhibition. Paintings Chamber of Commerce of Bucaramanga Bucaramanga Colombia


2004  Solo Exhibition. American-Colombian Binational Center. Mixed media Bucaramanga Colombia


2014  Solo Exhibition. Guayupe Gallery. German Library Arciniegas. Villavicencio Colombia

Since then I've been working on the best figurative art of my entire career, perfect for art collectors, client gifts, staff recognitions and incentives, corporate donations, housewarming gifts, Christmas and holiday presents, original artworks, canvas art prints and fine art prints. An all-in-one home decor art online webpage! 

Contact -  info@aurora-bueno-celis-art.com

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